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Collect and delivery services for your Cruiser

For €35 we can collect your Cruiser or Hilux from all around The Netherlands and just across the border into Belgium and Germany.

Whenever your Toyota needs a big service, repairs, overhauling or even restorating, then you can use our service.

You may choose us to collect, deliver or do both.


We will ask for a contribution of €45 per voyage, and the needed fuel, in case we are driving the Cruiser to our workshop.

Car trailer is also available to pick up your car.

The following rates apply:

up till 50kms from our base: €75

up till 100kms from our base: €100

up till 150kms from our base: €125

up till 200kms from our base: €150

up till 250kms from our base: €185

up till 300kms from our base: €215

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